ABOUT Trivial Time

See the sky differently

Trivial Time is an independent and creative video production company. We make videos and livestreams for brands, agencies, organisations and companies from start to finish and for all possible platforms.

​What makes Trivial Time so unique? We see the sky differently in its own shape & color. Resulting in qualitative videos with a dynamic combination of storytelling, image and sound. 

From that standpoint Frederik Eraly, founder of Trivial Time, has been entrusted to create alone or in team all kind of audiovisual and journalistic assignments in Belgium, Europe and The United States. 


Since childhood you could be sure that if you saw a camera, you saw Frederik. Years later, as a videomaker and journalist - with degrees in politics and communications - he launched Trivial Time.

In september 2019 Trivial Time won it's first award at The Night Of The Shortfilm in Antwerp. 'The fight of Justin' received the audience award for best short documentary (worldwide).