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1. General

These terms and conditions apply to every use of all web pages belonging to the domain and all services offered via the website by Trivial Time Video Production with company number BE0647774809, the responsible operator of the Website. As a user, you are requested to read the present terms and conditions carefully before signing a quote. 

By purchasing products or services from or ordering them from Trivial Time Video Production, the customer tacitly agrees to these terms and conditions, which may be amended or revised by us at any time. The client's own terms and conditions are always subordinate to this. An order is placed when the client confirms the offer or agreement by e-mail.


2. Offers

Unless withdrawn by Trivial Time Video Production in advance, quotes are only valid for the period mentioned therein, or if no period is indicated, for 14 days after their date. The goods and services will be delivered as described in the quotation.


3. Terms

All delivery and execution deadlines indicated are always indicative and will be respected by Trivial Time Video Production wherever possible. A possible exceeding of these deadlines does not under any circumstances give the right to compensation or fines. Nor will the customer have the right to cancel the agreement or order, and/or to refuse receipt of the goods and/or execution of the work and/or payment.


4. Execution and delivery

In case the client has not made the required preparations to allow the delivery and/or service of Trivial Time Video Production to take place, Trivial Time Video Production will have the choice to unilaterally cancel the agreement to the detriment of the client, or to charge an additional cost to compensate for the preparations not made by the client. In both cases, a fixed compensation of 20% of the value of the contract will also be due, without prejudice to Trivial Time Video Production's right to claim a higher compensation to cover the damage actually incurred. Trivial Time Video Production always reserves the right to refuse or postpone the execution of a recording, if it deems it cannot be executed safely and within the framework of the law, without the client having the right to cancel the agreement, assignment or order, and/or to refuse reception of the goods and/or execution of the work and/or payment. Trivial Time Video Production reserves the right to outsource the execution of the assignment and/or agreement to a third party, without the customer having the right to cancel, terminate the contract, assignment or order and/or to refuse receipt of the goods and/or execution of the work and/or payment. In case of cancellation of an order agreement by the other party at any time and for any reason, Trivial Time Video Production is entitled to at least 60% of the agreed offer price. On less than 24 hours before the recording, no cancellation for whatever reason will be accepted and the full quote price will be charged.

The number of recordings varies according to the duration of the assignment and other variables, and is therefore impossible to determine in advance. Delivery will take place digitally via e-mail with download links, unless otherwise agreed. Trivial Time Video Production makes a selection from all the images made. Unedited recordings can under no circumstances be obtained. Barring prior agreement, Trivial Time Video Production will keep the recordings and montages for thirty days after delivery of the final product. The made basic recordings (rushes) remain property of Trivial Time Video Production at all times. They can only be purchased at a price to be mutually agreed upon or via another agreement made.


5. Force majeure

If Trivial Time Video Production is prevented from fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control, it may either suspend the execution of the agreement for as long as the circumstances persist, or terminate the agreement by means of a communication. The following circumstances are considered to be cases of force majeure: illness, loss of data, mobilisation, war, threat of war, obstruction of rail, water, air or road traffic, closure of airspace or other federal or local government measures, changes in the law, meteorological conditions, strike, obstruction of transport, fire, defects or other similar or dissimilar circumstances. Never can an unsuccessful reportage, outside the will of Trivial Time Video Production, yield any form of compensation.


6. Payment

Our prices are based on the dimensions and quantities stated in the order confirmation. We reserve the right to charge a surcharge for deviating sizes and/or quantities. Our prices are subject to revision in the event of changes on the trade market. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, invoices shall be payable at the latest on the due date stated. If no due date is indicated, the invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. Invoices not settled by their due date shall, ipso jure and without notice of default, attract 10% interest per month on the unpaid amount from their due date. In the event of non-payment of one invoice on the due date, all other invoices shall become immediately payable. If legal proceedings have to be instituted, all costs incurred will be charged to the customer in addition to what has already been stated above.


7. Termination

If the client fails to execute one or more commitments, Trivial Time Video Production will be entitled to either demand forced execution under the present general terms and conditions, or declare the agreement dissolved ipso jure and without formal notice. Trivial Time Video Production has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without proof of default or judicial intervention, if the client is declared bankrupt, has applied for and/or obtained suspension of payment or has lost free control over his assets in any other way.

Trivial Time Video Production is entitled to suspend its services at any time when a website contains content that is illegal, may harm third parties, may denigrate them, or disrespects the copyright and property rights of third parties. As soon as the services have been suspended, this agreement shall end by operation of law and without any further notice of default. In any case, even after the termination, the customer will indemnify Trivial Time Video Production against any liability resulting from the non-respect of one of the provisions of this agreement and compensate any damage suffered.


8. Complaints

No complaints regarding goods, services or invoices from Trivial Time Video Production will be admissible if they are not addressed to Trivial Time Video Production in writing by registered mail within seven calendar days after the day of delivery or execution, respectively after the invoice date. The edited recordings remain incidentally a subjective product which the client cannot use as a reason for non-payment. Any obligations towards Sabam and copyright are entirely at the client's expense.


9. Liability

Trivial Time Video Production is not responsible for possible accidents and the client will always indemnify Trivial Time Video Production, both in fact and in law. Under no circumstances can Trivial Time Video Production be held responsible for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, resulting in whole or in part from an error or negligence attributable to Trivial Time Video Production or its employees in the execution of the provided service.


10. Retention of title

Unless otherwise agreed upon, Trivial Time Video Production remains the owner of all delivered recordings. The client is not allowed to transfer them to third parties, to let them be used by third parties, whether or not in return for payment, to copy them and/or to use them for other purposes, unless otherwise notified. The customer will respect all the legal provisions of privacy. Trivial Time Video Production has the right to publish the recordings made in the portfolio of its own website and on social media and YouTube, without permission. 


11. Personal data

Personal data is solely meant for internal use by Trivial Time Video Production. The customer has the right to inspect and correct this information as provided for by the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy.

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